Samuel Harshman
b: 25 Dec 1824
d: 28 Dec 1824
  • 25 Dec 1824 - Birth -
  • 28 Dec 1824 - Death -
Mathias (Hashman) Harshman
15 Jan 1801 - 18 Dec 1876
Samuel Harshman
25 Dec 1824 - 28 Dec 1824
Phoebe (or Phebe) H. Deneen
8 Sep 1805 - 2 Jul 1887
Family Group Sheet - Child
PARENT (M) Mathias (Hashman) Harshman
Birth15 Jan 1801Washingtonville, Montour, Pennsylvania
Death18 Dec 1876 Parkman, Geauga, Ohio
Marriageto Mary Hurd
Marriage26 Mar 1824to Phoebe (or Phebe) H. Deneen at Milton, Trumbull, Ohio
PARENT (F) Phoebe (or Phebe) H. Deneen
Birth8 Sep 1805Milton, Trumbull, Ohio
Death2 Jul 1887 Keokuk Township, , Tennessee
Marriage26 Mar 1824to Mathias (Hashman) Harshman at Milton, Trumbull, Ohio
MAlvah Roswell Harshman
Birth8 May 1830Parkman, Geauga, Ohio
Death28 Oct 1912Mesopotamia, Trumbull, Ohio
Marriage20 Jan 1861to Sarah J. Saddler at , Trumbull, Ohio
Marriage19 Aug 1852to Hannah Bowles at , Trumbull, Ohio
FCynthia O. Harshman
Birth13 Mar 1832, Trumbull, Ohio
Marriage3 Oct 1858to Lewis Otis Marshall at , Trumbull, Ohio
FPhebe L. Harshman
Birth24 May 1834, , Ohio
Marriage24 Aug 1858to Samuel Pool at Kenton, Kentucky
FLoretta E. Harshman
Birth3 Jan 1838, Trumbull, Ohio
Death14 Mar 1858Independence, , Kentucky
MAllen A. Harshman
Birth14 Nov 1844Southington, Trumbull, Ohio
Death23 Aug 1930Champion, Trumbull, Ohio
Marriage21 Dec 1865to Caroline Pennell at , Trumbull, Ohio
Marriage14 Mar 1872to Mary E. Murphy at , Trumbull, Ohio
Marriage21 Jan 1903to Sarah Elizabeth Jewell at , Trumbull, Ohio
FLydia Theodosia Harshman
Birth22 Oct 1840Southington, Trumbull, Ohio
Death3 Feb 1896West Farmington, Trumbull, Ohio
Marriage8 Jan 1867to Sylvester Bowles at , , Ohio
Marriage0009to Benson Webster
Marriage27 Aug 1874to Andrew White at Southington, Trumbull, Ohio
MSamuel Harshman
Birth25 Dec 1824
Death28 Dec 1824
MSylvester T. Harshman
Birth3 Dec 1825West Farmington, Trumbull, Ohio
Death23 Jan 1897West Farmington, Trumbull, Ohio
Marriage2 Jul 1848to Mary Hurd
MGeorge Nixon Harshman
Birth29 Dec 1827Milton, Mahoning, Ohio
Death7 Apr 1903Gaither, Lawrence, Missouri
Marriage9 Nov 1865to Elizabeth Bacon at Parkman, Geauga, Ohio
[S314]The Harshman Family: also spelled Hershman and Hersman, a history and genealogy