Citizens Mutual Relief Association of Ohio – handwritten manuscript

I came across this small handwritten book in my father’s file cabinet of genealogy research. It lists “Assessments” and names of people who died in Farmington for the years about 1884-1901.  The first page starts with “Citizens Mutual Relief Association of Ohio” and the second half of the book is lists of people who died in Farmington, or were brought back to Farmington for burial.  At this time, I am not sure of the provenance of this book, or its author/s.  A chart of the names and dates found on the pages is below the images, sorted by surname.









First NameLast NameDateAgeNotes
BurtAbrams08 October 191032
DavidAbrhams6 Oct 188673
Mrs. ClarissaAllen29 Dec 189080
CordeliaAllen6 Jul 189153
Mrs. OlenaAnderson10 Jan 189378
LaverneAper12 Feb 189729
AmeliaAsper23 February 190474
MinnieAtwood19 Jul 188721
JamesBailey09 June 190459burial at E. Farmington
Mrs.Barnes1911brot here from Cortland, buried at East Farmington
Mary A.BeldenAssessment
Sarah A.BeldenAssessment
Leighton A.Belden10 Jun 188737
Sarah AnnBelden16 Apr 188969
AsaBelden21 Jul 189175
J.W.Belden12 Mar 189256who was born and raised here. Was brought here and buried March 15th
Mrs. Mary JBelden5 Nov 189261wife of Dr. K.O. Belden brot from Youngstown Nov. 8
Child of HerbertBelden24 Feb 18933m
Austin H.Belden10 May 189354
LoydBennett8 May 18961-8-13
IsadolaBenson16 Jan 191473
UriahBliss1911brot here from Bristolville, buried at East Farmington
CasherBockman20 Jan 188720
CatherineBower1 Jun 189073wife of Daniel
Daniel F.Bower14 May 189286
D.D.Bower28 Mar 191464
L.T.Bowles3 Feb 189655-3-12
HerbertBowyer10 Jan 188919brought from Cleveland O
EstherBowyer25 October 191074
A.Bowyer1913brot here - Cleveland
JohnBreeze28 Mar 189579
AndrewBronson7 Jan 188814
George O.Brookins9 Mar 189547brought from Indiana
BetsyBundy16 Apr 189082
MartinBundy20 Nov 189166
Jessie G.Byanes17 Aug 18895
LouiseByones7 Oct 18898
JamesCaldwell29 Apr 188882
Mrs. Captain JamesCaldwell28 Aug 189385a former resident of this town was brought here for burial from Warren O
James W.Caldwell21 October 191162-9-16
StacyCarpenter01 February 191135
Genevieve LoveCarter08 February 19113d
ThomasCastella5 May 189282
GeorgeChandler5 Nov 188861
AdolphusChandler1911brot here from South Dakota
AlbertChapman3 Feb 189319
EmmaChapman10 Jan 191413
While visiting his daughter
Mrs. A.J. Winter
Christy22 Jul 188776
James PChristy3 Mar 189240
Mrs. JaneClark1 Nov 189178
MichaelClark16 Sep 189481
Edward A.Clarke28 March 191052
Catherine wife of
Rev. Samuel
Colier28 Mar 188644
N.T.Cotton25 Oct 189274
Infant daughter
of Hattie
Cowdery27 Sep 18951m
EmelineCox25 Jan 189151
Mrs. AlliceCox18 Dec 189245
PatrickCox4 Apr 191480+
LucyCrane15 Jun 188874
JamesCrane12 Jan 189363
AmeliaCrane28 June 191076
ElizabethCrawford14 Feb 188879
JamesCrawford27 Dec 189078
George P.Creaser10 January 191051
EvaCurtice5 Jun 188624
Lydia S.
While at Defuniak
Springs Florida
hoping to improve
her health
Curtice24 Feb 188764
Child of CyrusCurtice9 Sept 18873
Miss EmmaCurtice17 Mar 188919
WmCurtice11 Apr 189120
Mrs. HarrietCurtis26 Oct 189282
E.F.Curtis16 Oct 189574
Silas L.Curtiss10 October 191177
JohnDabney15 March 190460died in Warren buried at East Farmington
Mrs. Mary JDanes1 Sep 189181
Miss OrabellDanes7 Mar 189518
Verna M.Davidson24 Mar 188921
Mr.DeCamp20 Apr 1914
GeorgeDouglass17 Apr 191484
CarlDrown8 Sep 189317
Mrs. Martha M.Ellore27 Feb 189569
ElmerElm?30 December 191235
JohnElton17 Sep 189369
Charles N.
While on business
at Riverside California
Elwell17 Jul 188821
AgnesElwell31 January 191172
AlbertEnsign3 Oct 189081
FlorenceEtting28 January 19111y 10m
John H.Evans27 Feb 189264/74
NancyEverett1911brot here from Bristolville, buried at East Farmington
Joanna C.FalesAssessment
Mrs. JoannaFales6 Apr 189572
Loren C.Fales09 October 190458
Mrs. BerthaFenstmaker29 Mar 18962222
WmFishel19 Mar 189420was accidentally killed while in Florida hoping to improve his health March 19 brought home for burial on the 24
Mrs. SamuelFishel191131
MinnieFlemming13 Oct 188714
Mary JaneFlemming30 Nov 18874
PatrickFlemming21 Feb 189658-11-9
JaneFlick19 May 190488
NoraFlick4 Apr 191456
PatrickFloody19 Nov 188666
Mrs. VincentFloor28 June 191026
VincentFloor01 February 191129
Infant of Mrs. MosesFord22 January 191110 d
Infant son of A.S.Fowler19 March 191119m
Mrs. MinervaFrance1 Jan 189254
BerthaFrancis17 Jan 191419Killed herself with Carbolic Acid in Bristolville
Frances R.Frease04 February 191079-8
S.J.Freice24 Feb 189371
Mrs. Mary JFrench03 January 190460
Frank S.Frew07 July 191076
Mrs. AlliceFuller26 Sep 189027
Helen L.Fuller25 Jul 189257
Julia C.Fuller8 Jun 189333
W.D.Garber191363brot here - Warren
EmmaGates25 Dec 189142
CharlesGilbert5 Jun 189174
ElinorGillette18 February 190487
FloraGillette1 Mar 191358
SallyGilson28 January 191278buried in Middlefield
Marie AnnaGiordon11 June 19163mo
ChaunceyGriffith07 January 190479
M.W.Griffith01 March 191180
TheadeseHaines12 Apr 18892
W.M.Hall20 Dec 189150
CharlesHanby3 Apr 18896
BenjaminHarrison10 Aug 18913Son of Wm Wolcott
Lovina C.HarshmanAssessment
EllenHarshman11 Jul 188866
Lovina C.Harshman31 Mar 189470
S.L.Harshman23 Jan 189771-1-20
T.R.Harshman16 May 191074-2
EllaHarshman07 May 191129
ElizaHarshman06 June 191274
AmbroseHart1910brot here from Massilon
Mary P.Harwood12 Apr 191397
Harlin H.Hatch31 Jan 188862
HarleyHatch01 February 190436died in Buffalo brought here for burial
Fred A.Henry4 Feb 188828
Almira E.Henry10 Feb 188937
Wm N.Henry6 Sep 189266
HattieHenry02 September 190425
LeverettHickox8 Mar 188880
ChandlerHickox30 Nov 188890
MyronHickox12 Mar 189644
RossHickoxunk 1904infant
W.D.Hickox16 January 191373
SelaHiggins21 Sep 18889m
Mrs. Louise B.Higgins2 Mar 189466
JaneHipple16 January 190470
LuciusHollenbeck29 May 190473
DeliaHollenbeck09 August 191178
James S.Hoon5 Sep 188758
M.B.Houghton2 Nov 1895
Little Lucy MabelHousel12 May 18934
C.F.Housel16 Oct 18951
HarryHousel10 April 191015-5
Mrs. JaredHousle15 Feb 188968
JeradHousle15 Dec 188979
Only son of OrloHousle23 Jan 189213m
MargretHudson24 Nov 188876
JamesHulse22 Jan 189777
Justice P.Hurd25 Jul 188684
CharlottHurd22 Mar 188985
Mrs. Julius E.Hyde16 Nov 189069
C. B.Hyde7 Apr 189548
Infant of Geo.Hyde5 Apr 19139 wk
Mrs. AliceIce03 January 1905
Only child of FrankIngram20 Feb 18933m
Mrs. LouisaJackson2 Sep 189079
AmandaJacobson12 July 191031
Albert G.Jamison6 Feb 189369
Sarah A.Kennedy2 Apr 188672
Mary A.Kennedy31 Mar 189045
WmKennedy17 Mar 189131
James .Kennedy23 April 191094
Mrs. Julia E.Kezzy9 May 189337
Charles A.KibbeeAssessment
Little HarlenKibbee15 May 18932mbrought here for burial
Mrs. EmilyKibbeeOct 189479brought here for burial Oct 17 from W Virginia
Addie RuthKing22 Jul 18931yr10m
Julius S.Knopler21 Feb 189352
RebeccaLamberson11 Apr 1913
ChasLamberson Sr11 June 190476
George D.Lane21 Apr 188982brought from Southington
RhodyLangley28 Apr 188874
SethLeel3 Mar 189783
MaryLewis21 Jan 188784
Mrs. Silas A.Lewis17 Oct 189074
S.A.Lewis27 Oct 189479
Chauncey T.Lewis24 April 191060
ChesterLinscolt27 December 191072
HiramLoveland11 Dec 188688
Sherbern H.Loveland18 Mar 188866
Henry B.Loveland16 Sep 189234
MariaLoveland27 April 191184
WilliamLower27 Sep 18953mson of Aaron and Sarah Lower
JohnLudlow19 Mar 189480
Mrs. RobertMack03 March 1912
Melva HydeMackey16 April 190438died in Cleveland buried at West Farmington
AbsalomMaffet2 Mar 189258
HanahMaffit10 Apr 189584
Infant Child of WmMarch9 Jan 18879m
AnnetteMatlby11 Feb 189764
LevyMcCane10 Mar 189659-5-11
AndrewMcCorkle5 May 188974
BetsyMcCray16 Sep 189166brought here for burieal from Pa
DeliaMcElwain24 September 191171
BlanchMcKay6 May 189523
ZackariahMcRay9 May 189061while attending Normal College
Julia C.Menham21 February 1904died in Cleveland brought here for burial
Little Boy WmMich01 March 19054
Samuel B.Miller12 Mar 189269
NoahMiller19 Apr 189374
Mrs. Rebecca C.Miller25 May 202057-11-16
Julia A.MillikenAssessment
BabyMinich6 Feb 1914few hrs
Edward G.Moore19 Sep 18953-7-7son of Rev. E Moore
JaneMoore08 January 191176
Lydia A.Morrison20 May 188773
Mrs. J.C.Mower26 May 190460
Mower17 January 1913
Mrs. UniceMurdock13 Feb 189539
FrancisMyer1 Dec 188966
JohnNorris17 May 189193
Samuel C.Nowlin4 Feb 188926
EdwinOatley21 Dec 189453
SarahOatley13 Feb 189682
HarmonOsborn1911brot here from Bristolville, buried at East Farmington
Rosetta C.Osmer11 Jun 188740
AlonzoOsmer10 Jan 188967
Mrs. JuliaOsmer19 Oct 189141
Miss JuliaOsmer1 Sep 189331
LydiaOsmer04 September 191086-11-4
Gurtie daughter of Charles and MayPalmer8 Mar 18893brought here
LycurgenPapoon18 Sep 1891
MaryParker23 November 191066
ElizaPearce31 Jan 188677
RichardPearce19 Feb 189485
JustesPearse28 Jun 189269
EllenPeck29 July 188667
ElizaPeck17 Nov 188686
F.W.Peck28 January 191079
Mrs. MarthaPellet17 November 191168
FrankPeterson24 Jan 1893brought from Bloomfield shot by accident
Little Boy of SebeyPettit31 Jan 18883
Mrs AmeliaPhelps27 Mar 189591?
Lally RuthPierson1 Apr 19146
Infant son of Ross and EstellePiper14 June 19045hr
DavidPolock8 Feb 189280
EuniceRadford11 Oct 188660
RalphRagan8 Jan 189757
Warren H.Rawdon1 May 189072from Winsor Ashtabula Co
Rev AsahelReaves11 Aug 189282
LydiaReves1 Dec 188978wife of Rev. Asahel
HowardReynolds1910brot here from Mecca
HarrisRigel10 July 191160
Fred A.Riggles9 Feb 188810
Mary AnnRoberts18 March 190487died at Kyle's Corners buried at West Farmington
Wm.Rutlidge4 Dec 189477
George O.Salter29 Sep 189265
FlorillaSalter12 January 190475
Mrs. MaryShaffer1911brot here from Bristolville, buried at East Farmington
Mrs. ChasShaffer08 February 191144
John H.Shepherd28 July 191159
Sydney W.Smith4 Jun 189551-1-9
Infant of Mr.Stark1911brot here from Nelson
MatthewSteel24 Nov 188775
DavidStickles13 November 191142
ClarkStrickland1911brot here from Bristolville
Mary BowyerStrong1910
JosephSutliff17 Jan 1914died in Bristolville burial East Farmington
Mrs.Swancu28 Jan 188634
Mrs. Marthasymms30 Aug 189066
Mrs. NancyTaft6 Jun 189491
Lewis C.Taft10 Oct 189666-5-17
MaryTaftunk 1904
HenryTaft30 Jul 188966bought from Warren
BetsyTaft25 May 191278
Carrie MayTecoton24 Apr 189031wife of Charles
Mrs.ElizabethThair20 Sep 189064
ElishaThair19 Feb 189489
PeterThayer20 February 191168
Martha MooreThomas07 May 1904
Lena BarkmanThompson16 January 191124
A.J.Trew18 December 191060Portland Oregon
Mrs. MarthaTurner1 Feb 189254
S.J.Veasay14 Oct 189574-4-27
Myrtle A.Waldorf15 April 191119-8-15
JamesWalker28 Jan 188661
Miss VictoryWalker12 Dec 188626
GlovaniWalker14 Oct 188855
JamesWalker Jr.26 Jun 189624
Prof E.B.Webster26 Sep 189551-1-26Tuckahoe, GA
Infant of Jasper and NoraWhinsunk 19045m
Mrs. HowardWilcox18 Mar 188621
Dora BlanchWilcox7 Jan 189019.6
Infant son of Allie and LottieWilcox30 Jan 189412d
John W.Wilcox28 Oct 189458
MiloWilcox13 Mar 189571
Mrs. RoxyWilcox20 Mar 189574
D.W.Wilcox26 December 190470
PlymptonWildman18 Feb 188761
WmWildman21 Sep 189186
Rosanna M.Wildman05 May 199530-9-23
MichealWillrich10 Jan 1890
Mrs. MargretWilson19 Dec 189093
John R.Wilson15 Jul 189652-4-11
Orlo L.WolcottAssessment
Infant Child of OrvisWolcott16 Jul 18871d
ElizabethWolcott27 Oct 188761
ChesterWolcott14 Oct 188986
Sophiah M.Wolcott20 Feb 189060
Mrs. CynthaWolcott9 Jul 189385brought here for burial from Orwell Ohio
Carl W.Wolcott18 Sep 189417
O.S.Wolcott20 Feb 189470from Warren Ohio
O.S.Wolcott20 Feb 189470from Warren
SusanWolford23 Feb 188738
AddisonYonker27 Jun 189126Killed by fall of a tree
Mrs. MerandaYoung18 Apr 189572
Man found hanging in E.E.Miller's Sugar House. Had been dead for weeksNov. 16, 1911
Marriages 1911 - Jan 10 George Chalker Southington md Mary Clark West Farmington

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