Laura Frances Christy
b: 15 Aug 1847
d: 20 Dec 1858
DEATH: (From Record of the Christy Family) p. 7: "Burned to death while dressing in front of open fire).
(From Christine Hatch Osmer) "Laura Frances died at age 10 or 12 years from burns when her clothing caught fire from fireplace."
  • 15 Aug 1847 - Birth - ; Brookfield, Trumbull, Ohio
  • 20 Dec 1858 - Death -
Robert Christy
2 Jun 1811 - 22 Jul 1887
Laura Frances Christy
15 Aug 1847 - 20 Dec 1858
Amanda Reno
14 Feb 1812 - 20 Jul 1896
Family Group Sheet - Child
PARENT (M) Robert Christy
Birth2 Jun 1811, Sussex, New Jersey
Death22 Jul 1887 West Farmington, Trumbull, Ohio
Marriage4 Apr 1837to Amanda Reno
PARENT (F) Amanda Reno
Birth14 Feb 1812, Mercer County, Pennsylvania
Death20 Jul 1896
Marriage4 Apr 1837to Robert Christy
MJames Perry Christy
Birth6 Apr 1852Brookfield, Trumbull, Ohio
Death3 Mar 1892Farmington, Trumbull, Ohio
Marriage4 Jul 1872to ? at Greenville, , Pennsylvania
FAlbina Christy
Birth19 Mar 1839Brookfield, Trumbull, Ohio
Death26 Mar 1924Hubbard, Trumbull, Ohio
Marriage21 Dec 1885to David Wheeler at , , Ohio
Marriage26 Feb 1857to Stephen Hudson VanNess
FMinerva Christy
Birth4 Jan 1841Brookfield, Trumbull, Ohio
Death12 Jan 1904Braceville, Trumbull, Ohio
Marriage7 Jan 1865to Cornelius Bentley at , Trumbull, Ohio
MJohn Nelson Christy
Birth19 Oct 1842Brookfield, Trumbull, Ohio
Death7 Jul 1885Brookfield, Trumbull, Ohio
Marriage25 Dec 1867to Olive Frappier at Brookfield, Trumbull, Ohio
FElizabeth Ellen "Lill" Christy
Birth11 Dec 1844Brookfield, Trumbull, Ohio
Death6 Aug 1913
Marriage20 Jun 1868to Andrew J. Winters at , Trumbull, Ohio
FFlorence Christy
Birth11 Apr 1846Brookfield, Trumbull, Ohio
Death22 Jul 1846
FEmily Christy
Birth11 Apr 1846Brookfield, Trumbull, Ohio
Death21 Aug 1846
FLaura Frances Christy
Birth15 Aug 1847Brookfield, Trumbull, Ohio
Death20 Dec 1858
MCharles Robert Christy
Birth4 Jan 1850Brookfield, Trumbull, Ohio
Death13 Feb 1912Youngstown, Mahoning, Ohio
Marriage3 Sep 1871to Mary Agnes McQuiston